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Contractual Terms

There are three different connection types to OCH system:

Direct connection
Provides access to the central OCH system, and allows import and export numbers directly via the OCH system. Porttings can be monitored via OCH Online, which includes statistics reports and databasedumps. With this connection, the operator can both send and receive transactions. There will also be an opportunity for resale of OCH services (by prior agreement with OCH).

Indirect connection
Provides the right to use OCH data via resold services from an operator with direct connection and does not give direct access to central OCH system. It is possible to use OCH online system and access to order statistical reports. This form of connection is typically used when the internal clearing of transactions are carried out by another operator.

Passive connection
Provides one-way access only to receive updates from OCH system, and access to perform searches via OCH Online. Statistics Reports cannot be ordered with this access.

Additional Agreement for resale of OCH services
Provides customer with direct connection the right to resell OCH services to other national operators whom have entered into an agreement as a customer of OCH with indirect connection.

Please see the different agreements below.

If you are a Direct operator and you build your own ICH (Internal Clearing House) you must document that your API works. See Annex 5 below for further information.

Implementation of a new operator in OCH system
OCH and the new operator sends out a notice to the OCH community 14 days before activation according to the current rules.

If there are questions regarding the above or you wish to enter into a contract with OCH you are welcome to contact OCH's administration, please see contact information under "Contact Us"

Direct connection

Indirect connection

Passive connection

Appendix 5