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Conditions for service windows:

If an operator wants to implement an extraordinarily large amount of transactions on the OCH system, is has to be approved in advance by OCH.

The operator is given a service window for this on the following assumptions:
1) The operator contacts OCH in plenty of time before the planned execution of an extraordinary amount of transactions.
2) OCH A/S grants the operator a service window.
3) Prior to the service window (minimum 14 days) the operator must ensure that a notice is sent out via OCH Online through service desk to inform other operators of this and the purpose (eg. Completion of a larger amount NP_Change).

Times and quantities:

Service window allows the operator to run up to 1.000 portings per hour, in addition to the operator's normal daily operations.
Service window can be placed in the period 5:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and around the clock on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and must end at 23.00 prior to the next working day.
The maximum is 18.000 portings on weekdays and 24.000 portings on other days unless it is the day before a working day where it is 23.000 portings.


Portings is defined as the following:
- Completions (NP Completion (Transaction Type 8))
- Change (NP Change (Transaction Type 17))
- Returns (NP Return (Transaction Type 12))

as these create a particularly large load on the OCH system.

Starting a porting (NP Create (Transaction type 1 or 2)) is not subject to restrictions.

Consideration for other customers:

As there can only be processed in a total of 1000 extraordinary portings per hour, not for each operator, it is important that the operator who has been awarded a Service Window, informs OCH the proportion of Service window you want to use and then excess capacity can be allocated to another operator.


The operator has to make sure that the restriction for the extraordinary number porting observed.