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Telecom Industry Association (TI)
Axeltorv 6, 1609 København V
Telephone: 33138020

TI was created by Danish telecom operators in September 1996 as a natural consequence of the Danish telecom liberalization. Telecom operators and related companies can become members of TI.
As a result of the liberalization process, Danish telecommunications companies work on commercial terms in a competitive market in line with other industries, and the association's purpose is to gather Danish telecommunications industry in order to:

 - attend to the members common commercial policy interests - nationally and internationally, particularly to the legislator and the authorities

 - create and maintain the cooperation with the related Danish and foreign organizations, including similar associations in Europe

 - convey a collegial cooperation among its members

 - maintain and communicate the requirements established for members' professional standards and ethics for telecommunications companies in Denmark

 - establish contact with foreign telecommunication industry for industrial cooperation

 - provide information on the industry

Procedures between operators
The Danish standard for number portability is compiled in within groups consisting of members from the Danish telecommunications industry. The work is conducted within the framework of the Telecommunications Industry in Denmark (TI).

Rules and Procedures and the Transaction Document are very dynamic documents, in which the industry body regularly decides to include new functionalities, both between operators, and in relation to OCH, which requires continuous adjustment of the systems for all operators.

TI is the overall coordinator of all business documents for number portability.

TI has set up a numberporting group, for more information on this, please contact TI.

OCH system will always be encoded to the current versions of the Rules & Procedures and Transaction Document.

OCH A/S is a member of the TI