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OCH contains the Danish numbering plan, porting instances, customer billing module, reports and the associated user interface: OCH Online.

The system supports every kind of portings:

  • Fixed net portings including VoIP
  • Mobile portings
  • Fixed to mobile and mobile to fixed portings
  • Single number portings as well as series/ranges
  • Geographic portings

The system supports these operator types:

  • network operator
  • Service operator with or without a direct API to the central system

The system is the master for information on:

  • Donor operator
  • Recipient operator
  • Current operator
  • Range holder

The system supports - as an integral part of the porting process - ICC validation and Customer Id validation.

Routing of traffic
Routing is via an All Call Query for the individual network operator.
To prevent tromboning, traffic routed incorrectly will be cut off by the interconnect switch of the individual network operator.

Number Plan
The Danish numbering plan are controlled by the Regulator and is fully implemented in the solution for routing and charging purposes.
The plan supports every kind of number:

  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Prepaid / postpaid
  • VoIP
  • M2M numbers
  • Numbers of any length

The plan is divided into two main areas, the Range part and the Portability part. The plan contains the full history of all portings, including series and ranges that has taken place in the past, as well as the option of intensive monitoring of all ongoing porting flows.

The plan provides an easy and manageable way to receive the current status of any given phone number, i.e. Information about the Service Provider, Network Operator, Routing information and Charging information.