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Current prices, effective from 01/01/2016:

Priser engelsk
* Excl. SOAP
** For database lookups over 50,000 per. month the charge is kr. 1 per. 100 entries

When a Direct or Passive customer connects to OCH the customer can order and collect a dump of OCH database free of charge. The customer can initiate additional dumps via OCH Online at the above price.

Service Center / Help Desk support:
Will be invoiced per. 30 minutes period started
Hourly rate weekdays 8:00 to 4:00 p.m.: kr. 995, - pr. hour
On call duty: kr. 1.990, - pr. hour

Database lookup:
Database Query on OCH online is free up to and including 50,000 lookups per. month. Additional queries is billed by: kr. 1.00 per. 100 entries

Handling fees:
For transfer of the agreement to third party: kr. 5.000, -
Late payment:
Reminder fee: kr. 150, - pr. reminder
Interest added 1.5%. month
Reopening fee:
In case of closure of the customers access due to failure to pay the monthly fee, subsequent reopening fee is kr. 7.500, - each time

Prices are subject to change and availability.
All prices are excl. VAT.

Prices for transactions:

Priser 2017 engelsk