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OCH online is a lookup database, where you can follow all portings in OCH, and track current location of network and service operator. It is free to use and is built so the individual employee of the teleoperator can follow a number porting flow or inquire about one or more telephone numbers current status.

On the OCH Online front page you can see announcements and information from OCH and OCH customers. If you need to announce anything via OCH please contact service desk.


To use OCH online a user name and a password is required. These must be managed separately by the customer.
One or two administrators who manage the order of the password has to be appointed. All new passwords has to be ordered in writing from the service desk and the customer must define username and password.
It is always the administrators' responsibility to ensure that the username is not abused and that outdated passwords are closed.

Forced closing of flows

It is possible to forcibly close a flow through OCH online. This can be carried out by Flow holder, i.e., the operator who sent NP Create. Forced closure can be performed only when Point of no return has been passed, thus Flow Holder has sent a NP Completion and OCH have sent NP Update.
Forced closure may be carried out by ordinary users and administrators of Flow Holder. Service Desk however always has the possibility of forcibly closing a flow at any stage, but the client's name must be registered. Such forced closing often leads to cleanup in both donor and recipient's own systems.

Ordering of Dump and reports

The administrator of every customer has the opportunity to order dump via OCH online and will be invoiced based on the current price list (see section on prices under "Getting Started").
Both the administrator and ordinary OCH online users can order reports via OCH online.


OCH online is not designed to handle hits to the extent that a mechanical connection could create. Attempting to connect a machine to create automatic hits will therefore be considered as unauthorized use of OCH online and breach of contract.

OCH online available at the following URL address: